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Christmas Island ??

You've got the domain and so now have your own little bit of Paradise. But just where is your island in the sun?

The island itself is about 23.7 km long (at it's longest point) and has an average width of 7km. It's total area is 135 sq km, and has 139 km of coastline. There are no lakes on the island. It has one settlement and one airport. 60% of the island now falls in the Christmas Island National Park and so is protected. The island's capital is The Settlement.

The island has steep cliffs which rise from the sea to a central plateau. There is a narrow reef which surrounds the island which is a potential maritime hazard.



Christmas Island is located quite close to the Equator, so it has a fairly consistent temperature all year round. The climate is tropical, so is very hot and humid. However, even on the hottest of days, there is a pleasant sea breeze to cool you down. You can check out the current weather at the Christmas Island Aerodrome by clicking here.


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