Christmas Island ??

You've got the domain and so now have your own little bit of Paradise. But just where is your island in the sun?

Christmas Island has a vast array of wildlife on the island, much of it due to the huge national park. With over 80 sq km of national park, there is enough space for both man and nature to live hand-in-hand. Because the island is so remote, there are many species of both animal and plant which are unique to Christmas Island.

One of the most famous features of Christmas Island are the red crabs (hence the button icons). The island is overrun with red crabs amongst other types, which has given the island a reputation as crab capital of the world. Every year, a red crab migration takes place when they travel to the sea to spawn. The migration happens each year after the start of the wet season. At times of high crab movement, roads are closed to prevent too many flat crabs!


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