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Christmas Island ??

You've got the domain and so now have your own little bit of Paradise. But just where is your island in the sun?

Owing to its location and governing countries, Christmas Island has developed a real mix of people living on the island. The official term for natives is Christmas Islander. There is a mix of Chinese, Malay, and European peoples, with no indigenous population.

The religions of the island include Buddhist, Muslim, Christian (Roman Catholic and Church of England), Presbyterian, Uniting Church, Methodist and Baptist. However, the islanders are very tolerent of each others religions and treat them with respect, often borrowing from each others religions and cultures.

The official language of Christmas Island is English, but due to the diverse population many of the residents communicate using either Malay or one of the four Chinese dialects. As early settlers spoke Cantonese, many of the place names on the island come from Cantonese words.


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